Birdy is a crazy, wise and unknown type of bird - and they can't fly. But their best buddy, Baahdy, is a goat who can - as long as he's fueled with fishballs, which gives him gas. A lot of gas, actually. So much that he becomes a hot air balloon, able to reach any destination - near or fart... ehm,, far.

Baahdy & Birdy love exploring and learning everything about the world, and they learn with the children - in their own language, pace and humor. The duo began their journey in Norway in 2017, and they've already made quite an impact in the travel industry in their home country. As a country with tons of museums, attractions and sigths, there are a lot of places to visit and tons of stuff to learn and explore - but very few of the attractions speak directly to the children. And this is where Baahdy & Birdy comes in. They approach this typically grown-up ("boring") material in a very different way, looking at stuff from the children's point of view.


'Cause Baahdy & Birdy are currently the only ones taking the children seriously as travellers and explorers. And seriously; we do mean seriously! Baahdy & Birdy are not here to sell anything to the children - besides lust for knowledge and adventure. The app is free to use, without any ads and that sort of nonsense - and we don't include pure commercial attractions in the app. To be included, attractions need to bring some sort of knowledge value to the table. Children basically need to learn something at every attraction, or else Baahdy & Birdy wouldn't see the point going there in the first place.

In 2019, Baahdy & Birdy will expand with over 30 new attractions in Norway, which is quite a lot, considering that they've just started out. In 2020, they'll continue expanding, and they're currently looking at which country/countries to explore next. Norway is just their home country. There are 194 others to go!

Even though "Baahdy & Birdy" are currently exploring Norway only, the app is of course also in English! 

So if you'd like to get to know the duo, get the app and find out how it works right here:

App Store - Google Play

Guiding example: at The Norwegian Aviation Museum, by an exhibition of the polar explorer Roald Amundsen. This is pretty much how Baahdy & Birdy works - as a supplement alongside the already existing exhibitions.



Included in the app is this little game, where the aim is to, well, fart yourself to the moon! The game is bonus a supplement to the app itself, just a little something the children (and grown-ups) can do in between getting to the attractions; in the backseat or waiting for the plane/ferry.

And of course, it's free! And nope, not a single ad!


The short film "Baahdy & Birdy: Flask post from space" is also available for free! After screening at a numerous film festivals in 2017, we decided to  release it for free online - just so children and grown-ups can get to know the characters even better!

From the launch at The Norwegian Aviation Museum, 2017

Even though Baahdy & Birdy still only travel around in Norway, we're looking to expand to other countries within 2020.


So if you're interested in learning more - either as a potential attraction in the app, as a possible international collaborator or if you'd just like to know more - please feel free to reach out!

Linda can be reached at:

Tlf: +47 95112224


Baahdy & Birdy is created by three entrepreneurs from the small town of Mosjøen, based in the middle of Norway. 

Linda Skipnes Strand (General manager)

Squad leader, on-point pitcher and customers best friend.

Contact for: Just about everything concerning admin and sales.

+ 47 951 12 224

Helen Amundsen Halten (visuals)

Visual wizard.

Contact for: Just about everything with stroke and color.


Aleksander L. Nordaas (script/director)

Responsible for anything B&B say and do.

Contact for: Everything you read or/and hear.

Kontakt / Contact:

Linda Skipnes Strand (Daglig leder / General manager)

+ 47 951 12 224

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